Gallery with Fleur

Shoot with Fleur in a gallery of a friend, Nelsie’s Fine-Alley on a very cold afternoon! This location is just perfect for indoor shoots. So much furniture and stuff inside that you can create almost anything you want for your shoot. Love this place. We had a lot of fun and I’m pleased with the results. I used the CineStill film with my Canon AE-1 Program for the first time and definitely not the last time. I love the colours and grain. I also did a couple of shots with my Hasselblad and Kodak TRI-X film. This was the first real test with this fantastic camera. I got it as a present for my birthday from the sweetest girl in the world, my girlfriend Fiona. I still need to shoot and practise some more with this camera but it was not bad at all.

Model: Fleur
Photography: Ray Zandvoort
Location: Purmerent
Camera: Canon AE-1 Program & Hasselblad 500CM
Film: 35mm CineStill 800T & Kodak TRI-X 400